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Raymond J. Falcon, Jr.
Douglas E. Singer
Robert L. Pitkofsky

Of Counsel

Gabrielle T. Bohon
John H. Ogden


Gabrielle Lese


Public Recognition of Excellence
Bergen’s Top Lawyers (2013)
New Jersey’s Top Legal Minds (2013)
New Jersey’s Top Rated Lawyers (2013)
New York Area’s Best Lawyers (2013)


We work with clients as well as for them.

Quality service means partnering with clients to achieve quality results.

Our firm is committed to quality service which for us means an understanding of the client’s needs and a focus on using law and legal processes to help a business meet its goals or to improve people’s lives at home and at work. Whether we are helping a company grow or securing the future of a special needs child, we each strive to create the best result for each client.


Our entire team – from professionals to support staff – is committed to excellence.

Of course, we value excellent legal skills. But we place a premium on excellent communication and relationship skills, first-class client service standards and a genuine commitment to our clients.


Informed communication is the key to our service quality.

Our approach is to learn about and understand our clients' businesses and goals. We actively listen to understand the real issues and concerns so we can have a relevant dialogue with our clients. When addressing legal matters, we prioritize, focus on what's important, filter out the clutter and communicate effectively in language our clients can understand.