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We practice what we preach.

We are a certified B Corporation committed to socially responsible practices.  In fact, we are the first law firm in the State of New Jersey and the second in the State of New York to become a certified B Corporation.


Let us help you achieve your goals.
Using flexible value pricing, we can help an entity achieve goals of pursuing a mission and making money by providing the advice and creating the legal structures needed to accomplish those goals.


Socially responsible enterprises combine public benefit and profit-making initiatives.


Dual purposes require new strategies

Social responsibility law is a new and developing area which focuses on entities which have a dual purpose of making money and providing a public benefit or operating in a socially or environmentally responsible way.  These social enterprises have a commitment to their stakeholders, including their workers, their communities and the environment.  They can be found in many different industries and in varying sizes.  But they all face a set of new challenges in addition to those faced by traditional businesses: How to achieve their dual purposes?


We facilitate the move from traditional to modern ways of thinking and acting.

We work with clients to help answer that question and fulfil their dual purposes. It may mean working with a nonprofit entity considering spinning off a commercial activity into or creating a mission driven for profit enterprise. It may mean working with a public-private partnership consisting of for-profit, nonprofit and governmental entities to achieve a social purpose.


Our approach blends traditional corporate functions with an understanding of this new mission.

As lawyers, this means using all of our skills and experience as traditional corporate lawyers blended with an understanding of the social enterprise mission.  We help our clients to: