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Our Approach

We understand that discussion and preparation of estate planning documents can be uncomfortable and stressful for our clients. We understand that estate planning involves sensitive family issues and deeply-felt emotions regarding distribution of assets. Knowing this, we take the time to listen and learn so we can be both a trusted advisor and legal resource.


Estate Planning Documents may include:


PLUS important lifetime documents including:


Estate Planning is a key to removing uncertainty from your financial future.


Be ready for the unexpected:
Plan your estate while you are in your prime.

No one likes to face their own mortality, but at the same time, no one wants to leave their family unprepared for the future – especially their financial future. When considering your financial future - and the value of your legacy - there's nothing more important than planning. That's why we provide business owners and individuals with sophisticated, affordable estate planning services that address their personal needs while minimizing estate tax liabilities.


Well-done wills and trusts and effective communication
meld personal wishes and financial decisions.

Just as no two people are alike, so too, no two family and business situations are identical. We see our job as being both facilitator and drafter. We facilitate conversations. We always start by listening to you and helping you to identify and refine your goals and objectives, taking into account not only the financial and tax aspects, but also the family dynamics. Many estate plan structures may work well from a tax and financial standpoint, but can result in family destruction because not enough attention was paid to how the children and grandchildren relate to each other and how they might react after you are gone. Solid estate planning is not a theoretical intellectual exercise - it must be grounded in the real life reality of personal relationships.


We craft the documents.

Once we understand both the tax and financial issues and your family dynamics, we work with you to put together the proper documents to achieve your goals and reflect the family dynamics and other considerations we learned in our conversations with you. If you have retained other professionals, such as a financial advisor, accountant or insurance agent, we will work together with them as a team to create those documents.


Estate Probate and Administration Services

When a person does pass on, we stand ready to assist the family with probate and administration of the estate to ensure the most peaceful and least stressful implementation of his or her wishes as set out in his or her will and accompanying trust documents. This includes: