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Business Life Cycle Planning® [BLCP] defined

Business Life Cycle Planning® involves using a planning technique that views a business and its owners holistically, addressing four key growth stage issues in a comprehensive and integrated way: legal assistance with day-to-day affairs, internal relations, succession or exit planning and estate planning.

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Socially responsible enterprises defined

For-profit and nonprofit entities which are interested in combining social, environmental and profitability goals.

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Our business-focused legal advice addresses our clients’ interest in pro-active advice.


We want to be your go-to source for useful advice.

Imagine combining the whole company perspective of an old-time country lawyer with 21st century tools and resources. We think this role offers the client the most value. It means we listen to our clients and, working as a team, call upon our experience and expertise to suggest new or different ways of looking at old problems.


We listen to understand our clients’ real issues and concerns.

We prefer to work with our clients as trusted advisors, part of an executive’s “kitchen cabinet,” working as a team to find business opportunities and mitigate risk. In this role, we participate in discussions ranging from big picture matters such as long-term strategy and direction to specific customer or personnel issues.  We collaborate with our clients’ other professional advisors such as their accountant, banker and investment advisor.


We believe that business success demands a holistic approach.

We call this approach Business Life Cycle Planning® because it takes off from the specific growth stage of at which a business finds itself. We think that, like an individual, a closely-held business has a life cycle that moves from inception through maturity to the eventual passing of the torch to the next generation. At each stage in the cycle, certain issues become important for the growth of the business and the security of the business owners.