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Business Life Cycle

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Estate Planning:
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How many of these questions keep you up at night?




Day to Day Affairs


Internal Relations among Owners


Succession Planning/Exit Planning


Estate Planning

We believe that business success
demands a holistic, creative approach.


Business Life Cycle Planning® integrates daily decisions with future plans.

Business Life Cycle Planning® is a planning technique that views a business and its owners holistically, addressing legal assistance with day-to-day affairs, internal relations, succession or exit planning and estate planning in a comprehensive and integrated way. It can lead to actions such as:


It’s an extension of our view of a lawyer’s role.

This kind of planning process grew out of our recognition that clients want their lawyer to serve as a pro-active, creative resource – to anticipate opportunities, plan for potential risks and offer new insights into stale conversations. At the same time, companies, like people, evolve – with common themes relevant at each life cycle stage. This realization informs our holistic approach to client service. To us, holistic means developing creative opportunities and options, functioning as part of a client’s team, and working collaboratively to ensure clients understand their options and feel comfortable making necessary decisions.